The goal of the research performed at the Center for Canine Behavior Studies is to reduce the number of dogs surrendered into shelters.

The CCBS team, led by world-renowned Veterinary Behaviorist Dr. Nicholas Dodman, discovers what behaviors lead to relinquishment, identifies ways to educate owners, and supports the human-animal bond so that dogs and those who love them can live harmoniously.

Canine behavior problems are a major factor leading to the surrender of dogs to shelters. The advice the Center for Canine Behavior Studies offers as a result of our research and findings will help dogs remain in the same home for life and reducing relinquishment and euthanasia. 


Each study is focused on one hypothesis. Upon closing, data analysis will begin. Findings from each survey will be emailed to participants after which they will be posted for public view on the CCBS website.

Repeat participants in the Studies will provide a significant amount of data—the kind of accumulated information we call “data bricks” that over time will continue to contribute to helping find behavior solutions that build a wall to prevent surrender by owner that too often results in “Surrender Euthanasia.”

Anyone over the age of 18 is welcomed to participate in a CCBS study. However, we encourage you to join our Research Community so you'll never miss a study. Signing up is simple and free, and can be completed below.

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