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What you'll find in this edition:

  • Dr. Dodman shares exciting CCBS' news

  • Springtime with pets

  • New blog post on pet loss

  • Meet the new VIP's!

  • Cats Corner

  • How you can help

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What you'll find in this edition:

  • Dr. Dodman shares exciting CCBS' news

  • Calling all Very Important Pets!

  • Puppy Kisses: Love or instinct? Dr. Dodman weighs in

  • Introducing a new team member!

  • Cats Corner

  • How you can help

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FALL 2021

What you'll find in this edition:

  • Dr. Dodman shares exciting CCBS' news

  • Where does your donation go?

  • Listen in: Dr. Dodman discusses separation anxiety 

  • Poll: What interest you?

  • Our Research

  • Cats Corner

  • How you can help



What you'll find in this edition:

  • Dr. Dodman shares exciting CCBS' news

  • Links to our recently published study

  • Invitation to our upcoming virtual event

  • New video segment: Decoding Dogs

  • Donna's vacation tips

  • Vivian gives advice on puppy behavior

  • Cats Corner: Difference between cats and dogs

  • How you can help

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What you'll find in this edition:

  • Dr. Dodman shares exciting CCBS' news

  •  Links to our recently published study

  •  Invitation to participate in our open surveys 

  • Vivian's Book Reviews: "The Clean Pet Food Revolution"

  • Cats Corner: Teaching targeting 

  • How you can help

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What you'll find in this edition:

  • What's in store for CCBS in 2021

  • "Ask Dr. Dodman" prepares dogs and owners for stress-free airline traveling

  • "Did you know" findings from our award-winning study

  •  Introduction to the "Cats Corner"


FALL 2020

Another season is now behind us and Halloween and Thanksgiving are right around the corner. The nights are fair drawing in (as they say in Scotland) and the switch from daylight savings will plunge us all into a winter mode. Whatever the season or weather we are always hard at work behind the scenes analyzing or writing up our various studies. 



Finally, summer has arrived although it’s a slightly different summer with Covid 19 circulating and making life difficult for everyone. Fortunately, CCBS is a virtual operation with much of our work conducted by email and internet. But for us, the beat of our research goes on...

Image by Celine Sayuri Tagami


“The spring is sprung, the grass is riz’ …” as the old rhyme goes. Oh my, how the seasons fly. Here at CCBS we have been busy since our last newsletter. Thanks to the generosity of donors Jan Corning and Mac Emory through their American Foundation...

Image by Ionut Voicu


Winter is almost over. It may even be almost Spring as you read this editorial. 2019 closed successfully for CCBS with some major studies under our belt and others in the process of being analyzed or launched. Our crowning achievement of 2019 was to...


FALL 2019

Fall has sprung up on us – or has it fallen onto us? Anyway, the children are back in school and the leaves are soon to turn and eventually drop. It’s a nice time of year but as the world turns it bring changes. Changes for you and your dogs. Summer was full or outside activities with...



Memorial Day is behind us and the sun is shining brightly. Summer must be here, although at the time of writing we still waiting for the official start in a couple of weeks. Summer brings thunderstorms and many of our dogs are deathly afraid of storms. According to our recent demographic study... 

Dog Run


First, after a long time in the melting pot, our latest major article “Demographics and Comorbidity of Behavior Problems in Dogs”  has been published to the Journal of Veterinary Behavior. It was a Herculean task to analyze hundreds of answers on 4114 completed... 

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Happy New Year to all our readers! It’s  the time of year to be hopeful with excited anticipation of what the new year will bring -  and there’s nothing wrong with that – but spare a thought for those less fortunate, including dogs abandoned in shelters. For those... 

Taking the dog for a walk


2018 promises to be breakthrough year for the Center for Canine Behavior Studies. We will soon be making available, on our new website, the results of our inaugural study, the Animal Owner Interaction Study. The results are embargoed until the time of formal publication... 

Dog in Action

FALL 2018

It’s been an exceptionally warm summer for almost all of us, dogs included. While the sun shone and the humidity on the East Coast soared, we at the Center for Canine Behavior Studies were all hard at work. Aside from composing new fun questions, analyzing previous ones... 

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Summer is here, and the dog days are upon us. Needless to say, we here at CCBS continue to work hard on a number of projects. Most importantly - because we are a center for behavior studies - is pouring over the results of Phase 1 of our second large study. With... 

Animal Rescue and Care


Good news! Our Animal Owner Interaction Study (AOIS) scientific findings paper has been published in the peer-reviewed open access journal PLOS. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the more than 1600 people who completed the 100 questions to make...