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Training & Enrichment

Recommendations for Finding Dog Trainers
or Training Classes in Your Area
  • The leadership of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC), the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT), the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT) are pleased to announce the adoption of a Standards of Practice, a unified code of conduct, and code of ethics. Read more about the Standards of Practice.

  • The Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers. These trainers will have any of the following after their name: CPDT-KA, CPDT-KSA and/or CBCC-KA. Go to:

  • The International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants. They will have the initials CDBC after their name. Go to:

Find classes in your area taught by graduates!
Council of Certified Professional Dog Trainers
Jean Donaldson’s Academy for Dog Trainers

There may be other great trainers in your area without these credentials.  But before you sign up, read the articles on what to look for when you are hiring a behavior specialist or trainer above as well as the position statements from the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behaviorists on the Use of Dominance Theory and Punishment in training and behavior modification.


As of yet, the training profession is not a regulated profession although some states are working on licensing people who train to add behaviors as for example“sit, wait, come when called” or work with reactive dogs due to fear anxiety and stress.  Do your homework BEFORE hiring someone to train your dog. Don't be afraid to ask about their training education, experience and overall philosophy.  Never be afraid to ask questions.

The following are a few good articles about selecting a trainer or training class:

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