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PUBLISHED: CCBS' Demographics and Comorbidity of Behavior Problems in Dogs

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

December 2019 (Salisbury, CT)

The Center for Canine Behavior Studies, Inc. is pleased to announce that the Journal of Veterinary Behavior: Clinical Applications and Research (Elsevier) has awarded CCBS its 2019 Improving Pet Welfare Award in the category of Original evidence-based research in dogs or cats investigating the effects of techniques, approaches, and strategies to decrease fear, anxiety, and stress in the home, including environmental enrichment, meeting behavioral needs, therapeutic interventions, and validating measures/tools for evaluating stress and distress.

This award was for CCBS’ study findings paper "Demographics and Comorbidity of Behavior Problems in Dogs" published in the Journal’s Volume 32, July–August 2019, Pages 62-71.

The paper was written by the CCBS study team of Ian R. Dinwoodie, Barbara Dwyer, Vivian Zottola, and Donna Gleason under the leadership of Chief Scientific Officer Nicholas H. Dodman.

A total of 3201 dog owners submitted information about 5018 dogs for this study spanning mixed and pure breeds.

Also of note, CCBS’ chief data analyst and primary author Ian Dinwoodie won the Journal’s 2019 competition for the Early Career Scientists Award.

These two awards highlight the quality of CCBS studies and its team.

To access the paper:

For more information and media requests, contact:

Chris P. Janelli, Executive Director



Our Mission: To find canine behavior solutions that reduce canine surrender and euthanasia and keep dogs in their owners’ home as trusted and valued companions for life.

What We Do: CCBS pursues canine behavior research that benefits both humans and canines. We pride ourselves on educating dog owners to better understand and interact with man's best friend. CCBS strives to be the premier resource for dog owners when their dog misbehaves.

CCBS is a public non-profit 501(c)(3) | EIN: 83-0908914


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