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CBD Survey Results

The Center for Canine Behavior Studies created a survey on the use of cannabidiol (commonly referred to as CBD) products for dogs. The survey ran from 2/26/2021 to 3/31/2021 and was open to dog owners, past or present. 409 people responded. 51% have used a CBD product for their dog, 49% have not yet used a product. Below is a summary and assessment of the results:

  • Genders were equally represented, and 79% were neutered.

  • Medium sized dogs (20-59 pounds) made up 44% of the results, followed by 34% identified as large dogs (60-89 pounds), 15% as small dogs (0-19 pounds), and 7% as extra-large dogs (over 90 pounds).

  • Recommendations to use a CBD product came from family/friends (21%) or a veterinarian (15%).

Of those who have given a CBD product to their dog:

  • CBD oil was the most popular type of product, making up 77% of the results, followed by chews/treats with 39%.

  • 36% of dogs were over 10 years when they started using a CBD product. 32% were between 6-10 years old, and 28% were between 1-5 years old.

  • Owners used CBD products to treat a variety of needs, listed below. Most common "other" reasons were neurotic behavior, like light chasing.

  • 41% used a CBD product for over 1 year, followed by 26% who used for 4-12 months.

  • The most popular reason owners stopped giving CBD products to their dogs was they did not see any results, followed by their dog was no longer with them.

Of those who are considering using a CBD product for their dog, but have not yet started (67 respones):

  • Chews/treats and oils are the types of products they are considering using.

  • Mobility/joint issues, Fear/anxiety/stress, and pain management are the top issues owners are addressing.

In summary, owners had mixed feelings and experiences about the use of CBD products. Those who gave their dog a CBD product either felt it helped their dog or it didn’t, meaning there weren’t many middle-of-the-road responses. Owners gave their dogs CBD products to help address a variety of issues, mainly pain, mobility, and behavior issues like anxiety. Owners who saw improvement were grateful for the product's ability to improve their dogs quality of life and increase their lifespan. Those who are interested in using CBD products for their dog, but haven’t yet, expressed concerns about the validity of the products since there is little research, no regulations, and unsupported by many veterinarians. Many owners would appreciate more studies and research on CBD products before feeling confident to provide it to their dog.

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Yumi Vega
Dec 17, 2022

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