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CCBS Shirt: $25

Vistaprint shirt front.jpeg
Vistaprint shirt back.jpeg

Supporting CCBS never looked so good! This short sleeved t-shirt is softer than a puppy. This sleek design shows off the CCBS logo on the front and slogan on the back. Unisex style, fits true to size.

*Autographed* Puppy's First Steps

Puppys first steps.jpg

Give a donation of $50 to CCBS and we'll send you a copy of "Puppy's First Steps", signed by Dr. Nicholas Dodman, CCBS President, world-renown Veterinary Behaviorist, and best-selling author! There are a limited number of signed copies available, reserve yours today!

Free shipping within in the US. Please contact us if you'd like a copy shipped to you outside of the US (email

About the book: "Puppy's First Steps" presents the new gold standard in animal care for the enlightened dog owner--a unique, comprehensive approach to health, training, and behavior. Edited by Dr. Nicholas Dodman

You will be directed to the Center for Canine Behavior Studies' Square Store to finish your purchase

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