Updated: Oct 29

All Hallows’ Eve is a day dedicated to remembering the dead. Recognized as a holiday, Halloween falls on October 31st in the USA. It is a time when we delight in trick or treating with children, throwing costume parties and dressing up to walk the town. The popular holiday promises lots of fun for us but not so much for our four legged puppers. While we get caught up in dressing up our dogs and including them on this day, let me just say if they could speak with words, they’d be calling the holiday “howl-o-ween” or “hell-o-ween”.

“Howl-o-ween” is a time when dogs are subjected to unforeseen events that range from frightening to even dangerous for them. The holiday is second to July 4th Independence Day, as a time when dogs end up in emergency clinics. Let’s make sure to protect our dogs from accidents and emotional distress. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Consent: Many of us buy costumes to put on our dogs so to include them in the holiday celebrations. This may not be something your dog likes. Every dog is different and allowing your dog to decide if they wish to participate in dressing up or not goes a long way in reducing distress. How will you know if your dog is okay wearing a costume? Well, while most are not and may be intimidated to comply, they generally either come toward you/costume or move