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Vivian Zottola



Research Associate

Vivian Zottola is an applied Anthrozoologist and Human-Canine Relationship Specialist. She runs a private practice focusing on the prevention and resolution of conflicts between humans and dogs of all ages and breeds. Vivian has worked with hundreds of dogs (and their people) to successfully improve behavior challenges. In circumstances when working with individuals who suffer from fear, anxiety and stress; and training is proven limited, she collaborates with Veterinarians, CAABs and Veterinary Behaviorists to help dogs improve their learning potential.


Vivian volunteers her time with the virtual non profit, Center for Canine Behavior Studies,Inc. a 501 (c)(3). She is a subject matter expert and research associate assisting the team by providing unique insight and designing human-canine related studies. Vivian has coauthored published peer reviewed studies with world renown Veterinary Behaviorist Dr. Nicholas Dodman, DACVB and Tufts Cummings School statistician Ian Dinwoodie.


Vivian has earned a masters of science degree in applied anthrozoology and a masters of science degree in communication management. Additionally, she has earned a host of animal behavior and training certifications including having twice completed the Case-Based Approach to Applied Clinical Behavioral Medicine course, lead by Vet Behaviorist Dr. Karen Overall PhD, DACVB; and a certificate of excellence for completing, Living and Learning with Animals, a comprehensive course focusing on Functional and Applied Behavior Analysis applied to animals. 


Vivian has had the honor of training many wonderful people and their pet dogs and cats; shelter dogs; and wild animals including coyote, fox, wolf and bison. A complete list of training certifications and memberships is provided on the website To contact Vivian please email

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