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NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / August 31, 2022 / After a groundbreaking 14 year career in marketing, Kyle Klemmer is taking Web3 by storm with his play-and-earn Web3 company Mech. Mech is the first crypto casual no-code game that will change Web3 gaming as the industry knows it.


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Mech, Monday, September 5, 2022, Press release picture

With incredibly addictive and exciting gameplay, Mech is transforming Web3 games with its no-code engine that allows players to turn into creators through their "Creator Tools." The creator tools feature allows all Mech landowners to build an entire community and personally shape their Mech experience. Not only does this tech allow the player to help build the game, but it allows for the gamer to monetize along with the founders.

Klemmer's team has over a decade of experience in building fun and casual no-code games. His partner, and CEO of Mech, Trey Smith was the former founder of Blockbox. Blockbox was one of the first no-code gaming engines in Web2. Smith states, "The future of Mech is strong and bright. We know this because we made the Web2 gaming industry successful, and we will do it again in Web3 through our company Mech."

Mech's mission is to be the blueprint for all Web3 game design and development. Kyle Klemmer explains, "Web3 is all about building tools focused on allowing for the creation of user generated content." The industry has seen it in projects like BAYC and Axie Infinity, but they have yet to experience the no-code engine tools that Mech has to offer. As the Web3 industry continues to advance we see more projects based around giving people the opportunity to create and earn within an ecosystem. The projects that capitalize on this concept will be the ones who win in the long haul.

Klemmer forecasts, "Within the next twelve months you will see the emergence of true tech leaders in the space as the overall industry starts to mature, and we plan to be one of those leaders pioneering Web3 gaming."

Mech is on schedule with Klemmer's plans with 3 massive sell outs this summer. At the time that this article was written Mech has sold out three of their elite Mech NFT drops, three land sales, and they are gearing up to launch their fourth NFT collection this Fall. Selling out an NFT collection is impressive, but selling out eight drops during a bear market is monumental. If you'd like to experience the Mech ecosystem you can visit the Foundry or read more about the company on their website.

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Mech, Monday, September 5, 2022, Press release picture

About Mech

Mech Inc. is a community-focused Metaverse PVE and PVP game built-on the Ethereum blockchain with the premise that ‘fun comes first' with a crypto casual gaming mindset. Mech is built entirely through Mech Inc.'s proprietary no-code gaming engine referred to as creator tools. Creator tools allow players an easy way to become creators within the Mech ecosystem. Allowing for the creation of in-game NFTs and even their own mini games. Mech's sole focus for its community is to build the most exciting, repayable, and profitable Web3 game on the market for players and holders. Learn more about Mech here and follow them on Twitter or Discord to stay up to date on announcements.


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