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Roblox is a game I am often suggested to parents of young children. Not everyone loves it, but it stands out as an experience that offers a freedom of play led by the player community. I love how Roblox games evolve like play in the playground, and the way children can play without the directing and overly strict limits of other games.


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However, there’s always been a tension in how the game has been rated by ESRB (Everyone 10+) and PEGI (7+). Roblox offers a wide range of experiences, many of which did match that criteria but also many that offered something that would normally get a higher rating. It was simply a limit of the rating system designed to rate individual games rather than a game platform like Roblox.

Roblox on Xbox Store, with updated Teen rating.


This week there are some big changes coming to this area of Roblox that are good news for parents. Firstly, the game’s rating is being adjusted. Secondly, there is a new in-game Experience rating being added to Roblox games when developers complete a questionnaire.

Roblox PEGI and ESRB Rating Update

ESRB used to rate Roblox as Everyone 10+ and have now updated this to Teen for “Diverse Content: Discretion Advised”. PEGI now rate Roblox as “PEGI !” with “Parental Guidance Recommended” advice. The VSC Rating Board expand on this change, stating. “This rating was awarded because it contains a broad and unpredictable range of user-generated content, which may contain elements that are unsuitable for younger children.”

I asked the ESRB about the change and an ESRB spokesperson said, “ESRB updated the Roblox age rating from E10+ (Everyone 10+) to T (Teen) due to changes in the platform that offer a wider range of content for different age groups.”

Dirk Bosmans, Operations Director at PEGI, said that Roblox “is now labelled with the “!” label, the PG-label that PEGI introduced for apps (but never games) that offer a variety of (curated) content. You may have already seen it for Netflix, YouTube or Spotify. It is always displayed with a descriptor that says ‘parental guidance recommended’. We believe that works much better in combination with the internal parental controls and the more diverse content that is available in Roblox.”


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