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Nahid Shirzadkhan

Design Expert


Nahid is an experienced Industrial Designer, Design Consultant and Architect with a
demonstrated history in the field of Architecture and Industry spanning 15 years. 
Her ambition has always been radiated by Design, Architecture and Animals, which sparked her academic journey in Industrial Design for her Bachelor’s. However, through insatiable curiosity, she stumbled upon one of her other lifelong passions, architecture, hence the shift into architecture for her Master’s degree. Currently, she is doing her second master of design in Industrial Design at University of Illinois Chicago.

Always concerned about animal welfare, she’s devoted considerable time to homeless animals, especially dogs. Since moving to Chicago, she’s focused her designs on animals. She strives to help canine live a full life through her designs and concepts such has alleviating anxiety in dogs in the absence of the owner. She is currently working on her thesis which is the study of Human-Canine Symbiosis. Her design approach is life-centered, moving from anthropocentrism to multispecies ethnography by considering the importance of existence of all living creatures equally. As canine undesirable behaviors are a leading cause of canine relinquishment and euthanasia worldwide also associated with reduced owner attachment and satisfaction, which may threaten the human-animal bond, her intention is to find solutions that resolve the biggest canine undesirable behaviors (UBs), biting. By designing an educational tool which helps dog owners and family members to better understand and interact with their furry friends, she aims to
reduce canine relinquishment and euthanasia to welcome dogs in their owners’ home as trusted and valued companions for life.

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