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Kimberly Greer


Innovative Geneticist

Entrepreneurial-minded PhD

Assistant Professor

Prairie View A&M University

Dr. Kimberly Greer’s career as a researcher and educator has also included a lifetime passion for, and work with, dogs. In addition to participating in canine sports since 1996 at the insistence of her Pug (ranked #2 in USA in 12” USDAA, 2002), Kimberly’s canine interests include training, and working with shelter and rescue groups.

Dr. Greer’s distinguished career began at Texas A&M, one of America’s largest and renowned public research universities where she earned her Bachelor of Science in Genetics (1992), a Master of Science in Genetics (1996), and a Doctor of Philosophy in Genetics (2002).

Dr. Greer has written more than 29 peer-reviewed publications, authored and contributed to more than 15 chapters in books, and is a nationally and internationally recognized speaker. Whether the topic is scientific, medical, or technical, Dr. Greer effectively adapts materials for variable audiences, which is reflected in her having more than 10 standing editorial invitations.

In her own words, “I’m most interested in contributing to CCBS as I believe that the most vital information pertaining to mammalian anomalies and health is yielded from analysis of the most genetically identical species to the human:  Canis familiaris, and the best reward of all the work is that it “gives back” to the dogs!”

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