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June 2019

I recently did an interview about declawing cats – a practice I have stood against for many years. As far back as 1997, I was on ABC’s 20/20 discussing alternatives to declawing and subsequently become a member of The Paw Project.


The Paw Project first fought against declawing of big cats (tigers, lions, etc.) getting it banned. Today, it is actively petitioning with growing success to have declawing banned in various municipalities and States. Hopefully, there will one day be a national ban bringing the United States in league with almost 20 other countries in banning this inhumane practice.

Listen to my recent interview and form your own opinion,

Nick Dodman

KWR - Dodman-Serpell - June 2019 - Knowledge@Wharton - Sirius XM Channel 132

Originally aired on Sirius XM Channel 132, Business Radio Powered by The Wharton School. For other great content, check out the Knowledge@Wharton podcast.

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