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Steph Tobin

RBT, BS, ABA Psychology

Social Media Associate

Steph’s actions in her personal and professional life derive from one common goal: to be a voice for the voiceless. In an effort to create a more peaceful and safe existence for both humans and dogs, Steph strives to contribute to the improvement of communication between our species.

Steph’s mission at CCBS is to expand the Center’s community through its presence on social media. She created the Center’s Instagram and also manages its Facebook page.  Working under the guidance of Dr. Dodman and his team, Steph brings her millennial knowledge of social media, experience working as an administrator in numerous animal groups, and her history of advocating for animal rights to building CCBS’ social presence through these platforms to spread the word about the CCBS mission and studies.

Steph earned her BS in Psychology graduating cum laude with a concentration in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) from Salem State University (SSU), which is where she discovered her love for research, especially when it involves animal behavior. During the last two years of her degree she began investigating communication between humans and canines, the first and most unique inter-species relationship in the Animal Kingdom. Her conclusion was the amount of experience a person has with dogs did not influence their ability to comprehend canine communication.

Steph plans to continue her human-canine studies as a post-grad in Psychological Research with the belief that a better understanding of human-dog interspecies communication will be beneficial to our social environment, since the domestic dog is the only non-human species that has a place within our social structure worldwide. She plans to pursue a Masters of Science and Doctorate in animal behavior, specializing in canines, especially those that have lost their trust in humans and do not easily accept bonding with a human.

In addition to her work with CCBS, Steph is working toward certification in Canine Behavior Consulting; a certification many of her fellow team members already possess.

Steph resides in the Boston area with Willow, her Mississippi born 2-year-old “classic southern blend” rescue canine. When not studying, working and supporting CCBS as its social media maven, Steph and Willow like to get away to Steph’s hometown Waterville Valley, NH and hike the White Mountains.