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What is Practical Significance in a Paper?

Practical significance is a criterion that determines the place of research results in life, its real benefit. This criterion is reflected in the introductory part of the scientific work and is confirmed in the conclusion. This section should indicate how the results can be applied in practice. The proof of the practical significance of the work is given in the conclusion, where the author briefly outlines the results of the work, thereby arguing his own conclusions.

The practical significance of scientific research proves its necessity and importance. The reflection of this criterion actually gives an answer to the question: "Why (for the sake of what) was such painstaking work carried out?".

What role does the practical significance of the study play?

It should be noted that the practical significance is acceptable for works of an applied (practical) nature. An analytical and recommendatory section is present in all works: both theoretical and practical. The theoretical significance shows the role of the conducted research in science, and the practical one – in real life.

The practical significance of the study should be formulated based on the topic and the need to solve a specific problem. Competent reflection of this criterion of the project is based on the following principles:

Specifics. The should accurately define the role of his “masterpiece” in life and theory, who will benefit from the results of the study, how they can help, what to improve.

Evidence. The practical significance should be justified and argued; therefore, the researcher will have to concisely, concisely and succinctly reflect the practical developments he has come to, thereby demonstrating the advantages of his work, its features, differences from other similar studies;

Place and method of application. This element of the introduction (and conclusion) of a scientific work is intended to show in which area and how the results obtained can be applied;

Confirmation of the effectiveness of the proposed measures to solve the problem. Here the author needs to prove the optimality and effectiveness of the developed action plan. This can be done by calculating individual indicators, comparing the situation “before” and “after”, forecasting data or bringing data on testing the results.

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