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The hacker, going by the username “TeapotUberHacker”, uploaded their findings in the identity Forums. This individual said that “it’s possible I could leak more data soon, Identity v source code and assets, test build.”


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Rockstar confirmed that it was hacked in what it called a “network intrusion”. The developer said that the third party downloaded confidential information from its system.

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Insiders have speculated that the game would be delayed because of the leak, however, the studio has assured fans that identity v will continue as planned and there is no long-term effect on the game’s development.

The individual responsible for the hack may have been also responsible for the recent hack of Uber’s servers. According to an Uber newsletter, the same individual hacked several other tech companies such as Microsoft, Cisco, Samsung, Nvidia, and Okta. Uber has stated that they are in close coordination with the FBI and the Department of Justice on the matter.

The identity of the individual behind the recent spate of hacks may have been revealed by pompompurin, admin of the popular hacking forum Breached. According to pompompurin, the alleged culprit is a 16-year-old hacker with a history of being arrested for similar crimes. The hacker goes by the moniker “White” online.

White is believed to be from the United Kingdom and is affiliated with the Lapsus$, a popular group of hackers specializing in ransomware. Earlier this year, authorities allegedly arrested the individual for his affiliation to Lapsus$ and other crimes, and he received a one-month internet ban, as he is a minor.

White’s identity was doxed on a hacking website after he had a falling out with a business partner. His name, address, and social media photos were revealed by his former business partner according to a BBC article from April 2022.


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