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That's according to Microsoft's director of programming Larry Hyrb (also known as Major Nelson), speaking earlier this week on the Official Xbox Podcast (opens in new tab) (thanks, TrueAchievements (opens in new tab)). "No, you can't have the blades back," Hyrb says very plainly, when the topic of conversation turns to the Xbox 360 home screen. Talk about pouring cold water on an idea.


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"They were lovely, they were nice, but you can't have them back because they don't scale, as we say in the business, to what we want to do," Hyrb continues. This is Hyrb shutting down speculation that the two unreleased Xbox home screens, which are currently undergoing testing, could be related to the blades home screen.

If you're unfamiliar with the blades screen, they were a home screen style that initially debuted for the Xbox 360. The console's separate screens were distinguished by vertical tabs, bordered by silver blades around the edges, hence where the nickname of the home screen's style comes from.

The blades were understandably popular, contributing to the overall aesthetic of the much-beloved Xbox 360, a console juggernaut for Microsoft back in the day. It's easy to see why some long-time Xbox fans would want the feature to return, but it isn't happening in the foreseeable future according to Larry Hyrb. We'll have to wait and see how the two unannounced home screens shake out, if they are released to the public at all.


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