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Spectrum Labs has created natural language AI that can parse online text for toxic behavior. And now it has figured out how to identify healthy online behavior and reward it.

The Miami company has launched its first-ever Healthy Behavior AI in partnership with Together Labs’ IMVU, one of the world’s largest social game platforms — or, as we call them these days, a metaverse platform. (It turns out they met at our GamesBeat Summit 2022 event in April and began this partnership). It turns out that incentivizing positive play can lead to better return on investment, said Justin Davis, CEO of Spectrum Labs, in an interview with GamesBeat.

With 80% of U.S. online gamers having experienced harassment, this integration amplifies existing content moderation AI, which removes toxic content, by creating the ability to recognize and reward pro-social behaviors by users.

Since implementing Spectrum Labs’ toxic content moderation AI, Together Labs has had directionally positive results when comparing retention in moderated and unmoderated rooms, said Maura Welch, vice president of marketing at Together Labs, in an email to GamesBeat.


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