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Clash of Clans will receive a new balance update today as soon as the Less is More challenge comes to an end. The new update will bring a minor buff to Level 12 of Air Defense as well as a nerf to Royale Champion in Level 5 and Level 6.


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After the patch goes live, Royale Champion's Seeking Shield will get a nerf as its health recovery will be reduced by 100 units in Level 5 and by 200 units in Level 6.

Moreover, the DPS level of Air Defense will also be increased by 200 units in Level 12. According to Supercell, these new changes will be applied after the Less Is More challenge in order to avoid messing up with the current challenge's difficulty level.


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Royal Champion

Seeking Shield health recovery reduced:

Level 5:

HP Recovery: Reduced from 2900 to 2800

Level 6:

HP Recovery: Reduced from 3200 to 3000

Air Defense

DPS Increased

Level 12:

Damage per Second: Increased from 480 to 500

Keep in mind that before the update above goes live, there will be brief server maintenance, during which you won't have access to the game.

Clash of Clans is supposed to feature back-to-back challenges during the whole month as we are in the Clash Fest event. This also includes Clash Royale, which is now hosting the Retro Royale challenge and will be updated with a new one as soon as tomorrow.

It's been a while that Clash of Clans had not received a balance update. The latest balance patch arrived later in July 2022 to adjust the Clan Capital parameters.

If you have already completed the Less Is More challenge, and you feel like you could be among the top players, you can take a look at the official Leaderboard of the challenge via this link, which showcases the top 100 players based on the least housing space of troops deployed.

Currently, Nebrax leads the challenge with only 6 housing space of troops deployed and 16 seconds left after completing the challenge. Anyone who manages to finish the challenge at the top will receive a limited edition Golden P.E.K.K.A signed by Clash of Clans team as well as an iPad engraved with a custom Clash Fest design


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