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Dogs Demystified; Book Review

Book Review by Vivian Zottola, MSc

Dogs Demystified, An A to Z Guide to All Things Canine, by Marc Bekoff

I love learning by doing, and when it comes to dogs, best practice dictates gathering knowledge while doing go hand in hand. To say that over 600 hard and soft cover books sit on my library shelves related to canine behavior would be an understatement. Choose any book from my library; pages are dog-eared with written notes sprinkled throughout, reminding me of kernels of unique information to return to another time. I will use mechanical pencils to make notes as new ideas and thoughts come to me. And one of the latest books I've been reading has me falling back in love with the study of canine ethology and making so many dog-ears I think it's going to start barking at me soon.

For these reasons and so much more, I am thrilled about Marc Bekoff's new book, Dogs Demystified. It is a composite of all things dog. A compelling reference-type book that pulls together so many canine-related topics crucial for the public to learn. Marc draws from his extensive knowledge of wild canids, domestic dogs, and their history with people. He structures his book similarly to an encyclopedia, alphabetically arranging topics from "abnormal behavior" to the "zoomies," writing a few sentences or paragraphs as needed. It is simultaneously concise, formal yet informational, and entertaining, even at some points. He is a master at putting people at ease by explaining science practically, so your eyes don't glass over in boredom.

Dogs Demystified is a very accessible, easy-to-read book with beautiful illustrations and perfect for many who may only be able to digest nuggets of information at a time because they don't have time. I highly recommend this book, it will be your go to book for sure!


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