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Cats: Enrichment, medication, and more

Community Cat Podcast | October 19, 2021

"If dogs and cats could choose a psychiatrist it would be Dr. Nicholas Dodman. With a drive for advocacy, a gift for research, and a never-say-quit treatment philosophy, it is no surprise that he is one of the world’s most noted veterinary behaviorists. Co-founder of the Center for Canine Behavior Studies, Dr. Dodman describes himself as a “secret cat person,” as well. In this episode Dr. Dodman and Stacy chat about enrichment for indoor cats and how clicker training with cats positively enhances their relationship with their people. Dr. Dodman takes us through behavioral conflicts that are common in cats and some that are uncommon—like separation anxiety. He outlines how pharmaceutical solutions treat behavioral issues like territorial spraying, pica, and compulsive behavior (OCD) in cats."


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