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Barbara Dwyer

BSc, Animal Behavior Therapy


Barbara Dwyer graduated from the Ethology Institute in Cambridge, UK mentored by Roger Abrantes, PhD.  Studies included:  ethology, learning theory, training and behavior modification methodologies, pathological behavior, a thesis on parrot socialization and welfare and practical work with multiple species.  She also completed Jean Donaldson's highly regarded Dog Trainers Academy at the San Francisco SPCA continued on to do an internship on aggression.  She holds certifications from the Certification Council for Professional Dog trainers in behavior (CBCC-KA) and training (CPDT-KSA, knowledge and skills assessed).  She is also a Certified Avian Specialist (PIJAC) and has experience with the behavior and training of a variety of species including:  parrots, horses, pigs, goats, an East African Crowned Crane and more.


Barbara has over 25 years of experience in teaching competition obedience and conformation, rescue and shelter work and behavioral consultations.  She has done presentations for veterinarians and their staff, rescue and shelter personnel, zoo keepers, avian groups and the public.  Barbara stays current on behavior, ethology and training through regular attendance to important seminars and on-line courses like Susan Friedman’s, PhD, “Living and Learning with Animals,” an intensive course for animal professionals.


Barbara owns See Spot Stay based in Litchfield County Connecticut.  Our goal - “To improve the quality of life at both ends of the leash.” 

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